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Welcome to Internet Profile

Internet Profile assists organisations, to get a higher profile on the internet, get more people to visit your site and measure the results in real time.

Page ranking, getting your site to page one (Google, Bing, Yahoo) of search results, requires a knowledge base, which we have acquired over a number years and it's constantly evolving. Organic Page One results takes about 90-180 days, depending on the market your in and the age of your URL. So if you want your company to have a high internet presence by appearing higher on search engine results, we can do it.

The buzz words that marketing people like to throw around include, web site promotion, SEO, search engine optimization, SMM, Social Media Marketing, Goggle Analytics, Promote my web site, Internet profiling, web optimisation, website profile, google ranking, get on page one Google, get higher ranking, promote my web site, web presence, Page one google and more.

Its a collection of variables that will get you there, and then its unfortunalty constant monitoring and ajustments to keep you there. The internet is constantly evolving and you need to do the same.

SMM Social Media Marketing

SMM or Social Media Marketing is the next generation of SEO. It is onother way to promote your site with information and articles, that may be relative and topical at the time to your business. It should not be time consuming to maintain

Optimize My Site

Site Optimisation is a complex task.It requires an in-depth knowledge of Internet profile, web site promotion, SEO, search engine optimisation, google analytics, Internet profiling, to get on page one of Google, and to produce the desired result. These rankings are measured over a period of time. It's complex, not complicated.

Page Ranking

You can use simple Key Word, Meta-tags, Adwords, naming conventions, site promotion, Google analytics or you can email to get the total solution.