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Internet Profile was formed to assist and provide businesses with a high internet presence. Internet Profile cares about getting the results that we say we will. We have extensive knowledge in website profiling using a variety of applications keyword modelling, SMM (Social Media Marketing), meta-tagging conventions, search engine algorithms, Google analytics, Google Maps, Site tracker, Google pay per click, AdWords, Bing places, Yahoo, and many more. We will increase, track, report and deliver the results you want in the most cost effective way. That's the Internet Profile guarantee.
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With a degree in Electronics and a passion for sales, Jeff Buchanan quickly realised that staring over schematics all day was not his cup of tea. He moved into sales in about 1979 selling Wordplex word processors and then went on to DOS based applications and through the internet revolution to LANs and WANs, (local and wide area networks) SANs (Storage archival networks), I.T security, Intrusion Detection Systems, firewalls, encryption, SSL.

Finally for the past decade in the internet arena Jeff has used a variety of search engine optimisation techniques as a basis for getting his clients website to the first page on search engine results, if not first on the first page!

His main passion is Business Development, assisting companies to grow in their chosen market. Whilst Jeff knows that creating an internet profile is not the answer to all things, it is a viable solution when taking a holistic business approach. So if you want your business to grow, then the Internet Profile approach to business development is a refreshing solution.

Contact us today at Internet Profile. We will help your business to grow by helping you to increase your internet presence.